Heroicis: Web of Memories



A isometric RPG built in a rouge-like system to create a unique story every time you play with a simultaneous tactical combat system. Or, simply put, a RPG where you complete unique quests with cut-scenes, puzzles, and an unique tactical combat system.


You're an elder in a bar telling the story of how you became known throughout the land. Flashback to you as a young adventurer in front of a quest board. You're given the choice between 3 quests (randomly chosen) to complete and you will be given a random version of that quest to complete. Once you complete the quest you end up back at the quest board with 3 more quest (again randomly chosen). You go through this process doing a total of 5 quests, each one getting more intricate than the last with the final (5th) quest being dependent on the choices from your previous quests. At the end of each play-though you will have a 'book' of the story of your play-through (i.e. the cut-scenes).



The combat system is a traditional tactical system like fire emblem or final fantasy tatics with a unique spin on it. You only control yourself and the enemies only do stuff when you do stuff. Meaning if you act then they act and if you don't they don't. The skills you have are dependent directly on the quests you complete. Meaning, based on the quests you get and the choices you make determine the skills you get to use in combat, meaning you will have unique skill builds every time you play. Your class determines your base stats like health and speed and determines the types of skills you get like traps vs runes.


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